What is Swivl?

In today's unpredictable world, where physical movement is restricted, the flow of information does not have to be restricted and inaccessible. Here is where Swivl comes to the rescue. With this device, the organizer of the event can create a hybrid classroom and share access with those who are away but need to take apart in an event and share the information. Our device is convenient and simple - every sick school student can acquire the necessary materials at the same level as they would from sitting in a school bench. This device is also great for broadcasting live broadcasts or recording training. The possibilities are endless - no presentation is left undone because of technical constraints.

Swivl is a simple and compact robotic camera that is best used for lessons, meetings and video recordings. The principle of Swivel's work is simple - our robot Platform is connected to a tablet and a marker, the infrared marker is hung around the performer's neck and the marker carrier is monitored with the help of infrared.

Which Swivl model should I choose?

Swivl is available in three different combinations: with 1, 3 or 5 markers. The basic kit includes everything you need to get started with Swivl - easily record or stream video while Swivl rotates according to you. Using the additional markers allows you to record participants voices in addition to the broadcasters one. Choose the number of markers according to your needs! Markers can also be purchased separately in sets of two.

The Swivl CX-1 model includes:

  • Robotic camera Platform
  • 1 main marker
  • Lightning and USB-C Android cables
  • Carrying case

The Swivl CX-3 model includes:

  • Robotic camera Platform
  • 1 main marker
  • 2 additional markers
  • Lightning and USB-C Android cables
  • Carrying case

The Swivl CX-5 model includes:

  • Robotic camera Platform
  • 1 main marker
  • 4 additional markers
  • Lightning and USB-C Android cables
  • Carrying case

Swivl technical data:

Included in the box are: carrying case, robot camera Platform, USB charger, 3-input adapter, USB-C and Lightning cables and also a user manuals.
Weight:0.9 kg package, robot camera Platform 0.5 kg, marker 0.07 kg.
Robotic camera Platform:360 degree continuous rotation, max 90 degrees / s
Tilt angle:25 degrees, max 10 degrees per second
Distance of tracking the broadcaster:0.6 to 9.1 meters
Mobile compatibility:Apple (with Lightning interface and iOS 9.0+) and Android * (OS 6.0+)

Specifications of the marker:

Size:85mm x 30mm
Remote control buttons:save, right, left, up, down
Audio:professional quality DECT multi-channel solution
Battery:rechargeable lithium polymer, up to 6 hours of operational time.

Robot camera platform specifications:

Dimensions:: 125mm x 65mm
Audio:USB-C or Lightning digital
Device installation:Mobile device or tablet with a housing thickness of less than 12 mm.
Battery:rechargeable lithium, up to 6 hours of operational time.
I/O:charging port
AC adapter:90-240V, USA, EL, AU, UK plugs

What is the marker and why is it needed?

A marker is a small device that ensures that the presenter is always in focus during a video call. Depending on the selected kit, there may be several markers for sound transmission. However, there is always one main marker that has several important functions in transmitting information:

  • Marker tracks the performer using infrared
  • Marker performs as a microphone
  • Allows the presenter to pause and resume broadcast if necessary
  • The main marker allows you to silence additional markers. This feature may be required for live streaming
  • Allows you to control the robot camera application and the camera itself

Additional markers are an extra source for transmitting audio, and pressing the buttons on extra markers does not interfere with recording or transmission.

What is Swivl Cloud?

New methods for learning and teaching in our changing world are now inevitable. Organizing and preparation for studies plays an important role in a fast-paced world. The Swivl robot camera helps to value the time of the teacher and the also the student. Preparation for lessons and their playback and access to the recorded lessons can take place at a time and environment suitable for everyone. In this way, it is possible to raise the quality of teaching and learning.

Whether you're preparing for training, a podcast, or a lesson in elementary school or university, you need a place to retransmit your recordings. For this end use, Swivl provides a secure cloud service. Swivl Cloud allows you to easily and securely edit and share recorded videos, and it allows users to easily add slides to their videos For example, the viewer of the recording can jump to and from the slides to quickly view the most relevant parts of the recording. In addition, the Swivl C-Series even allows live streaming through a variety of streaming applications, such as Zoom and Facebook, so you can watch important classroom activities as they take place. https: //www.swivl.com/cloud-privacy/

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