Kinema Robotics 

The next step in telepresence and robotics

We import and sell high-quality robots from the best manufacturers. Just like we'd like to use ourselves.

The latest technologies in telepresence
A new venture of the well-known Kinema brand
Broneeri sõit Double 3ga

Double 3

With more than 12,000 robots sold,Double Robotics Inc has proven that telepresenceworking is also possible for those who are not always able to sit in one place. Equipped with two cameras, six microphones, a speaker and a screen, the two-wheeled height-adjustable telepresencerobot is no longer a dream in a science fiction series or a nerd sitcom, but a reality that makes your telecommuting mobile and independent.

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Cruzr is a new generation autonomous humanoid robot designed to optimize relationships both between company employees and when interacting with customers.

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The ADIBOT-A disinfection robot uses UV radiation to kill viruses and bacteria. The robot does not use chemical compounds, as a result of which the space disinfected by each robot is clean and safe for humans.

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