Double 3

Let's make the home office a perfect place to work - Double 3


It is an old well-known truth that the most important decisions are still made in the coffee corner. So far, home office staff have missed these conversations so many times, but with the Double 3 remote robot, every person working in the home office becomes a full member of the team again.


What is a Double 3 remote telepresence device?


It is a two-wheeled robot equipped with two cameras, six microphones, a screen and a powerful speaker. Robot can be controlled remotely. The angle of the cameras and the height of the robot can also be adjusted remotely.

Double 3 includes:

2 x 13 Megapixel Camera, Unified Pan/Tilt/Zoom Module - One super wide angle lens, one super zoom lens - 30 FPS and Night Vision mode
6 x Digital microphones with beamforming
Wifi and Bluetooth capability
9.7" LED-backlit multi-touch LCD
Remotely-adjustable height (119-150cm)

Detailed technical specifications can be found here



You don't have to go through long trainings or learn to use a complicated remote control to move the robot. The Double 3 can be moved through the app by clicking on the area you want to move to and the robot will move there itself. Even the first-time user does not have to worry about the robot colliding with anything, because the device is equipped with sensors and transducers and takes care of the safe journey to the desired point.

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