Movement and autonomy

The Cruzr's movement is as smooth and flexible as a human. The robot has flexible arms that enrich its body language, allowing it to shake hands, greet visitors, dance and hug. Three wear-resistant and quiet wheels allow it to move 360 ° smoothly at a maximum speed of 1 m / s.



Cruzr can use different communication modes that make communication smooth and more similar to human communication.

Voice communication: Thanks to its two-channel stereo speakers, the Cruzr can speak intelligibly different languages.

Cameras: The Cruzr is equipped with a 13MP camera. Images are processed by software that can detect faces in milliseconds. Cruzr has an open source platform that also allows you to use third party resources to identify emotions, gender, age, nationality.

Text communication: The 11.6-inch touchscreen tablet embedded in the Cruzr can display any type of information (text, images, videos…) - all of which makes communication even smoother.

Action: Cruzri can be programmed to act differently and do things based on a specific event or series of events. For example, move hands and body, express emotions through sound and image.


Localization and mapping

The Cruzr robot includes SLAM (simultaneous location and mapping) software, which uses real-time positioning and mapping to avoid obstacles. The software makes it easy to pre-configure navigation, branching, or set specific points of interest to go to. The Cruzr is able to operate in complex environments thanks to its depth-sensing camera and Lidar and IR sensors, which allow it to navigate autonomously on its own.


Automatic docking and charging

Cruzr battery allows 5-8 hours of active use (24 hours in standby mode). When the battery is running low, Cruzr automatically returns to the self-charging dock. In the unlikely scenario, where the battery is completely discharged, the customer sees the robot's last known location. However, the probability of this is very small, as Cruzr always returns to its self-loading dock.


Centralized Management System

The multi-machine centralized control system can perform functions such as map management, real-time motion control and video playback, which are useful for scenarios such as mobile patrols, advertising services and security monitoring. Cruzr can support independent patrolling and manually operated patrols. This takes the security patrol to a whole new level and makes human-machine collaboration significantly more effective.


Customizable service

Cruzr has an open platform - it allows you to adjust its body movements, basic operations, speech, expressions, lighting, face detection, etc. according to the wishes of the developer / user.


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