With the help fo telepresence robot user gets the experience of being in another location or environment without having to physically be there.

Hear and be heard no matter where you are.

15W professional-grade, full-range speaker and beamforming quad-mic array with advanced audio algorithms give your telepresence robot crystal-clear audio in even the noisiest of environments — from loud classrooms to busy factory floors.

See the world just like you’re there.

Two high-def cameras combine with powerful CPU and graphics processing to create an unmatched, best-in-class remote presence experience.

Get connected and stay connected.

Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi 6 technology allows your telepresence robot to move freely through large spaces like schools, conference floors, warehouses, and offices with uninterrupted connectivity.

Drive with confidence in any environment.

Intelligent drive with advanced collision avoidance makes driving a breeze. Obstacle sensing and automatic speed adjustments help any user navigate their surroundings with ease.

*only available on Ohmni Pro