A premium designed, video-oriented, autonomous personal AI assistant robot. temi can recognise and follow when requested, save preset locations, and navigate flawlessly around your home and office while connecting you to your friends, family and favorite web services.

Temi is powerful

Temi lets you experience moving video calls, controls all of your smart home devices, lets you enjoy music and videos from any room in the house and is the ultimate AI assistant. Temi is an open platform for apps that interact with you including interactive games, educational apps that make learning fun, medical apps and more. When away, Tmi enables you to connect from your smartphone and physically be inside your home – to spend time with your family and friends.

Temi is easy to control

Temi is controlled by voice commands such as “hey Temi, go to the kitchen” and also by using the Temi app (for IOS and Android) which enables the user to control Temi from anywhere in the world.

The Temi app enables you to connect to your Temi from your smartphone.

Using the app, you can virtually move through your home from anywhere in the world to roam around and spend time with your loved ones or to check and make sure that things are safe at home.

Additional information and technical specifications: https://www.robotemi.com/product/temi/