Autonomous UV-C robot

Manuaalne UV-C Adibot



In hospitals, there may be situations where, in addition to existing complaints, patients are exposed to another virus or bacteria, creating new health problems. Especially in the light of the Covid crisis, we know the importance of disinfection and that not all detergents may be as effective as we think. There is no need to question the reliability of our robot. Namely, it kills 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria by UV radiation.


Autonomous UV-C robot


By moving the Adibot robot to the selected location and turning it on, it will travel through the room several times and reflect UV radiation everywhere. This amount of UV radiation is harmful to humans and therefore the robot must not be in the same room while it is operating. However, should a person enter the room, the device's sensors will immediately stop the robot.


Many areas of use


While mainly this robot is designed to disinfect hospitals and medical facilities, it can also be used, for example, in passenger terminals, factories, shopping centres, warehouses and in offices.


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